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Not too surprising that a wedding is the most important day for a woman. We understand that and closely work with our brides to ensure they not only look beautiful but feel beautiful as well!

Wigs in 2022!

Today's wigs are NOT like your mother's or grandmother's wigs! Today's young Orthodox women expect their wigs to look naturally beautiful AND be as comfortable as possible.


Simple doesn't have to be simple. Simple elegance can also have intricate detail even if it's just a bun!


We pride ourselves on our team's ability to create delicate hair styles and updos, with what we call wearability. We don't want your hair style or updo to fall half way through the event. We do our utmost to make sure this doesn't happen.

Beach Tousled Curls with Braids

Literally perfect for ANY occassion. Keeps the hair away from the face. Small wisps visible in the front for effect. Beachy curls with braids.. can't get better than that!

Beautiful Styled Ringlets

All people with straight hair WISH they had these beautiful curls. Maya Cabessa and her team offer up the curliest curls!